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Milica Čeliković
Artist | Professional | Digital Art


Thank you for stopping by and taking interest in my page and gallery.
I am self taught artist. But no matter what art is my greatest passion. Also I always looking for new ways to improve and make better quality artworks.

Specialized in drawing, painting and photo-manipulating in Photoshop using Wacom Intuos Pen graphic tablet, besides that I draw and paint traditionally and occasionally sculpts with air dry and polymer clay.

I am working as freelance artist for cards, visual novels, game character and concept art, book illustrations and covers, personal commissioned portraits for clients and similar.

if you are interested to hire me or have any question you can contact me via:

Yellow-Green Bullet - F2U! by Drache-Lehre e-mail Gmail Icon mini by linux-rules

Yellow-Green Bullet - F2U! by Drache-Lehre Art Station ArtStation Icon ultramini by linux-rules…

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Profile on…

Jer kako kažu naši stari, bolje znati mnogo i često nego ne znati ništa, povremeno nikad, kojekude...

Commissions: OPEN

Journal Entry: Mon Jul 20, 2015, 6:56 AM

Portrait 60 $

Be water my friend by MilicaClkCommission: Sveri by MilicaClk

Commission: Fortum-Flame by MilicaClkFighter portrait by MilicaClkPortrait caricature by MilicaClkCommission: Magnus Pariah by MilicaClkSerpent by MilicaClkID by MilicaClkRenaissance portrait commission by MilicaClk

Since this is really popular option by now I had to rise prices and also I put so much time in this so have understanding, also I raised quality of art and technical accuracy. You can send me description or sketch of your character as reference or you can send me photo with person that you would like for reference, I also can draw you in custom environment and cloth, items and so on based on your wish and references. If you sending photographs be sure that they aren't bury and small in sens of resolution. You can choose position, angle, mood, lighting, additional objects ... just specify what you would like and I will give my best to make it real. 

Portrait + 1 character 30 $

For every more character you add for painting additional 40$ on previous sum. If you wish more than one character for portrait price is for 40$ higher so for two characters price is 120$, for three 160$ and so on.

Commission: Jonah and Sierra by MilicaClk

Commission: Edel by MilicaClkCommission: Seth by MilicaClkCommission: Family Portrait by MilicaClk

Full-body  80 $ ( complicated background +20$ )

Same goes as for previous option: You can send me description or sketch of your character as reference or you can send me photo with person that you would like for reference, I also can draw you in custom environment and cloth, items and so on based on your wish and references. If you sending photographs be sure that they aren't bury and small in sens of resolution. You can choose position, angle, mood, lighting, additional objects ... just specify what you would like and I will give my best to make it real. If you want more complicated background please specify what exactly or else I will draw as I suppose appropriate. 

Sea Dragon by MilicaClk

Commission: Knight by MilicaClkCommission: Portrait of dog by MilicaClkKerria by MilicaClk

Fire Salamander by MilicaClkCommission: Head Lightcaster by MilicaClkSigrun by MilicaClkLedni by MilicaClkYou seems tasty by MilicaClkHoney dragon by MilicaClkPlavi by MilicaClkVampire II by MilicaClkBlackberry dragon by MilicaClkDiablo I :commission: by MilicaClk

Full-body  + 1 Character 40$

For every more character you add for painting additional 50$ on previous sum. Please no more than 3-4 character.

Thank you all! by MilicaClkCommission: Amanda Warrior by MilicaClkCommission: Aria and Lightcaster by MilicaClk
Commission: Char and Zerek by MilicaClkCommission: Werewolves by MilicaClkKlaudia vs. Centaur commission by MilicaClkAccident :commission: by MilicaClkCommission crossover by MilicaClk

Painting / Landscape 100$+

This is custom category for landscapes, scenarios, wide screens whatever you came in mind and doesn't belong to some of previous categories. As before you can describe what you want starting from characters, more object, buildings environment, mood, lighting and so on. If you have references please provide them.

In the forest Speedpaint by MilicaClk
Naga by MilicaClkRuins Speedpaint by MilicaClkAlone(Speedpaint) by MilicaClk

Ride in sunset (commission) by MilicaClk

What I draw

I will draw your OC, you or your friend, family... from photos, custom environments, dragons, creatures, fantasy, semi realism, animals... Tho I have themes that I will not draw like mechas, urban environment, cars, vehicles and similar stuff. 

Payment ( PayPal)

Finally in my country PayPal works in both directions so now I also can receive transactions. After we agree about the theme, category and all important details for your commission you can pay me and after some time you will receive starting sketch if you wish I can send you more sketches of progress or you can pay after I say I finished your commission, then you make transaction and I send you final image in full resolution. The e-mail is

I remain the right to post finished works in my gallery and portfolio, but if you don't want me to mention you in description as person who ordered it just say it in advance. If for some reason I cannot finish your order I will refund the money. If you have some questions do not hesitate to contact me. After transactions from both sides if you are not satisfied with the result you can ask of me for some minor changes.

Commissions are for your personal use, which means you can put them as a poster in your room, make your wallpaper, put it online (as long as you credit me as author), all is allowed as long as you not resell it, or make prints, or use it for commercial purposes. Otherwise if you want to use it for some kind of selling or commercial purposes we will have to make new prices and conditions.

You can also use Skrill as paying method. Ukoliko ste iz Srbije moguće su i uplate na dinarski račun.

Payment ( Points) :points:

If you more prefer points you can order via commission widget on my profile page :)

 Note me stamp by Joyfool

Just send me the note or e-mail ( with details of what you want me to draw, characters, pose, mood, references (pictures or written) anything which you consider is important; is it portrait, full painting, some characteristics of subjects etc, do not hesitate to mention all you expect me to put in finished picture and I will respond to you in shortest period. 

I hope I covered everything, sorry for all You talk too much! You talk too much! You talk too much! 

ай CSS MilicaClk

The game I was working on is out

Journal Entry: Sun Mar 1, 2015, 12:05 PM
DM3 wallpaper01 1280x800 by MilicaClkDM3 wallpaper02 1024x768 by MilicaClk


Yesterday finally was published video game I was working on for few mounts as freelancer with teams from Serbia. Genre is HOPA so if you like spending time looking for hidden objects and solving puzzles and mysterious cases as detective in environment full of details and colors you should check it out. The plot takes place around 1920th so it looks kinda classy and oldish. Your task is to find person who stands behind murder of young girl on academy, but as you progress you find more and more mismatch of identity of the girl, and have more trouble solving the case.

For me it was challenging experience since for first time I was part of team creating bigger video game, my jobs were to insert new object and render items, fix mistakes, overpaint the scenes following the instructions of directors and script. It was a lot of fun :)

Here you can download the game…
it will redirect you to the Big Fish site. But if you would like whole game for free there is also torrent for it Software Pirate… (you didn't hear this from me xD )

Have fun I'm back 

ай CSS MilicaClk


Forbiden Fruit by MilicaClk
Forbiden Fruit
Process of painting that I did for graduation project for my school VPTS as an IT engineer and I chose to present process and tools of Photoshop for Graphic Design. 

You can guess the story but my version is that they were collecting those red fruits that looks like a cherry but three is enchanted or whats more forbidden and everyone who tries to steal its fruits is grabbed and locked in those shiny glass cells and the spell is forced with runes.  Their friend came to rescue but situation is hopeless.…
VIDEO PROCESS  Youtube Icon…
Dungeons and Dragons by MilicaClk
Dungeons and Dragons
Commission I did while ago for lovely girl and as surprise for her group of friends who all play together. Every character presents one of them and she collected all the Intel of appearance and their abilities as they played so I followed the guidelines and this is the result :) 

If you have ART STATION visit  ArtStation Icon ultramini…
and for facebook profile Facebook (old) Icon mini…
Cats 2 by MilicaClk
Cats 2
So I done one more of this kind of commissions few months ago just for different client but in essence he wanted the same: winged and unicorn horned cat as symbol of good and light fight against darker horned cat, both with their owners on their backs, I just altered their faces. 
Golden Horn (optional) by MilicaClk
Golden Horn (optional)
Dragon from recent commission just without the rider. I was listening to the Silmarillion audio book so I was inspired a lot lotr you shall not pass 

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linux-rules Featured By Owner Oct 4, 2016  Hobbyist Artist

Awesome art. I am going to watch you with my normal account :)

btw, thank you for using my icons in your profile :)

Also I wanted to tell you that Dungeons and Dragons have a icon of mine used but as a thumb and thumbs don't work with non premium users.

The icons in the same category as mine are included to be used for every user. you just have to put <_da:emoticon id="628815345" profile="deviation"> without the _ and you will have the icon. like this ArtStation Icon ultramini. You can copy and paste this one :)

For normal use, I recommend you the add media ;) and you can search for my icons by putting in the search box "by:linux-rules" this works with everyone, if you want to search a deviation from a specific user. I have four sizes, normal 50x50, mid 35x35, mini 21x21  and ultramini 16x16. If you want 16x16 (for example) you can put simply "ultramini" next to the name of the program/website you are searching so you can find my version of it. If not, probably other artists have the icon you would be looking for.

Hope is being helpful ;)
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AranasWeb Featured By Owner Aug 22, 2016  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Thanks for that wild fur ;)
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ReadNeko Featured By Owner Jul 23, 2016  Professional General Artist
Oh my goodness! Your art is so pretty and has so much character, like I'm legit speechless when I look at all this hhhh.
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Liberthy Featured By Owner Mar 30, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
Thank you very much for the llama.
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